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Imagine talks that are funny while factual; that are educational while exciting; that are crazy while clever.

If you are looking for a top class, entertaining speaker for your group, club, society, charity, or educational establishment, or to enhance your dinner, meeting, AGM, conference, then book Maria Glot.

See below for details about the talks and topics covered. We are also happy to tailor a talk for your needs.

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About the Talks

Maria and her team can speak on any topic, from Saltaire World Heritage Site, to Selling Bradford as a Tourist Destination, Victorian medicine, recycling and taking care of the environment, cloth dyeing, telling stories of the ghosts of Milner Fields. We guarantee exciting talks and are happy to offer your money back if not satisfied. We think you will like it. See what others have said about our talks here. For something different, ask for a speaker in costume and character.

Topics Covered

Saltaire World Heritage Site Part One, 1803 – 1876 from its beginnings to Sir Titus Salt’s death.

Saltaire Part Two, 1876 – 1958 after Titus Salt’s death, Titus Junior, James Roberts, Ernest Gates, A R Remington Hollins.

Saltaire Part Three, 1958 – to present; Illingworth Morris, Jonathan Silver, Maggie Silver and the regeneration of Saltaire.

Tourism in Saltaire; Selling Bradford as a Tourist Destination.

The Ghosts of Milner Field; History of Titus Junior’s house.

Recycling Titus Salt Style; find out how Salt dealt with waste and made money at the same time.

PowerPoint Presentation; Saltaire through pictures past and present.

Dastardly Deeds; accidents and misfortune in Saltaire.

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