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We have currently paused our walks and talks but there is still much to experience – check out our Saltaire History page which is regularly updated with Saltaire stories and Titus tales giving a fascinating insight into the experience of living and working in Saltaire during fully functioning Mill times.

For a flavour of Saltaire and what you might hear on a guided tour watch the 3 minute video of when Bill Oddie and Pete Waterman met tour guide Maria for Channel 5’s Britain By Barge. Watch here.

Once it is safe to do so, we will welcome you to Saltaire for a fascinating fabulously entertaining experience
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until then enjoy Saltaire from home, stay safe and stay well.

Fun Entertaining History Talk on Titus Salt and Saltaire at Masham History ClubImagine talks that are funny while factual; that are educational while exciting; that are crazy while clever, these are the talks offered by Maria Glot and her team of Salts Talkers.

If you are looking for a top class speaker for your group, club, society, charity, or educational establishment, or to enhance your dinner, meeting, AGM, conference or are just looking for an entertaining speaker then book Maria Glot.

In the last 6 months Maria has spoken, and entertained, 27 organisations from Societies to Rotary Clubs, U3A groups to WIs; that’s 1,820+ people from all over the north of England.

Maria and her team can speak on any topic, from Saltaire World Heritage Site part one and two, to Selling Bradford as a Tourist Destination, Victorian medicine, recycling and taking care of the environment, cloth dyeing, to telling stories of the ghosts of Milner Fields.  We really do guarantee exciting talks and are happy to offer your money back if not satisfied.  But we think you will like it. See what others have said about our talks here.  For something different, ask for a speaker in costume and character.

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Old picture of SaltaireList of topics covered.

Saltaire World Heritage Site Part One, 1803 – 1876;  from its beginnings to  Sir Titus Salt’s Death

Saltaire Part Two, 1876 – 1987; after Titus Salt’s death, Titus Junior, James Roberts, Ernest Gates, A R Remington Hollins, Illingworth Morris

Saltaire Part Three, 1887 to present; Jonathan Silver and the regeneration of Saltaire

Tourism in Saltaire; Selling Bradford as a Tourist Destination

The History of the Shops; A Penny for Going – Roger Clarke

Medical, Health and Hygiene and the history of the hospital – Sheila Lansdell

The Ghosts of Milner Fields;  History of Titus Junior’s house

Recycling Titus Salt Style; find out how Salt dealt with the waste and actually made money at the same time

Powerpoint Presentaion Saltaire Through Pictures Past and Present

Or we are happy to tailor make a talk for your needs.

No time to do a guided walk in Saltaire?Then we are happy to do an introductory talk to your group.

Make your talk booking enquiry here.

Testimonials for Talks

Chevin Antiques Society, Sally Wilkinson ‘Thank you for the wonderful evening you gave us. It was humorous, informative and refreshingly different, all the members are asking for Part 2. You have fired our imaginations.’

Claro Group of WIs Knaresborough, Shirley Lywood ‘No one could have enjoyed an evening as much as we did –  thank you so much for a truly entertaining, informative and fascinating account of the building of Saltaire and an introduction to the amazing Sir Titus Salt, we will be booking a guided walk.’

Helen Slingers Group ‘Many thanks for the most informative and entertaining talk on Saltaire. Several people stopped me yesterday to say what a grand evening it was. There were even compliments from a man who hated history! It’s been a long time since we had so many laughs – along with a lot of knowledge! I hope you do not mind, we will be bringing 40 people on April 13th for a guided walk.’

Halifax Women’s Luncheon Club, Anne Parker ‘I’d like to thank you for coming to speak to us, it was very evident from the reaction of the ladies that they loved your talk and enjoyed your humorous delivery. Many of our members are already requesting a return visit from you!’

Hutton Rudby Ladies Luncheon Club, Barbara Candlin ‘Thank you very much for your talk, we had some incredible comments “Our best ever speaker” from most of the group. You spoke so energetically as well as showing a profound knowledge of your subject.We were quite mesmerised. I hope we can organise a trip to Saltaire very soon.’

Macmillan Luncheon Club, Janet Alton ‘ A huge thank you for your wonderful talk at out luncheon Club. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was a great start to the Christmas festivities.’

Darlington Women’s Club, Sandra Gerghty ‘On behalf of everyone I would like to thank you for your wonderful talk last week. It certainly whetted everyone’s appetite to see this wonderful place you brought to life for us. It was a great pleasure meeting you, and we will be inviting you back to hear part two.’

Elland Rotary Club, Chris Marshall ‘I would like to thank you for the excellent talk and presentation that you gave to our club, as you are aware everybody thought your chat was excellent. We will at some stage arrange for your return to tell us about part two.’

Devonshire Arms Ladies Luncheon Club, Liz Higgins  ‘Thank you for an absolutely super evening. As people were leaving they all said more or less the same thing: What a treat! I’ll be in touch later when we are able to propose a date for our visit to Saltaire.’

Ilkley and District Third Age Group, Rosemary ‘Many thanks for a splendid presentation to our group . It was absolutely fascinating and covered such a lot of ground in an accessible and entertaining way. I know all our members really enjoyed your talk and I have had lots of very favourable, positive comments about it. I just wish somebody had made history ‘live’ as much as you did for all of us.’

Rastrick St Johns Wednesday Nighters, Carol Harvey ‘Just had to write straight away to thank you for such a brilliant night. History lessons were never such fun when I was at school! Everyone really enjoyed your talk and I will certainly recommend you to other groups.’

The Nidderdale Society, Bill Lofthouse ‘Just a note to thank you for giving us such a splendid and entertaining talk last night. All the members I spoke to were enthusiastic about your talk. It must have taken you years of study and practice to perfect your very skilled performance in giving such a polished lecture. I shall be inviting you back  to give another talk.’

Settle U3A, Shirley Wolfenden ‘Thank you so much for a memorable talk. We all throughly enjoyed it and have repeated parts of it to our friends. I have also sung your praises to people whom I know organise speakers for their organisations.’

Greater Elland Historical Society, Carole Kaye ‘Thank you very much for your excellent talk. It was wonderful and kept us all enthralled from beginning to end. How you manage to keep all that information in your head I do not know. I will be contacting you again.’

Saddleworth Civic Trust, Charles Baumann ‘I wish to thank you most sincerely for an interesting and entertaining presentation, our members were enthralled.’


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