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Bringing Saltaire to You!

We offer history presentations in costume and character, lessons that pupils and students never forget, many saying that they hated history until they enjoyed our Saltaire Experience.

Sessions include a Salts Walks bookmark for each participant with the real history of a character that lived and worked in Saltaire. A set of rules for living in the village and a “now & then” map are also provided. Each participant is guaranteed a completely unique character. Watch students light up then squeal with delight as they find out they are married to each other and collapse with horror when they discover some of them are married to their teachers!

For cost and further information contact Maria Glot.

You can see the different options below and don’t forget to read our testimonials!

Option 1

We can come into your school in costume and character to conduct the presentation. Each participant gets a bookmark with the real history of someone who lived and worked in Saltaire when Titus Salt owned everything. The class gets a set of rules of the village, an up-to-date map showing what the buildings were used for then and are used for now and a sample of alpaca fibre, which made Titus Salt richer than ever.

Option 2

Your school can book a venue in Saltaire (list provided) and the guide can come there to do the presentation. The materials provided are the same as in Option 1. The teachers can then take the class around the village, finding the addresses on the bookmarks, as pupils love to find where their character lived.

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