Oct 152014
Great-Grandson of Titus Salt becomes our Patron

A totally upsetting start to Christmas Week with the news that sadly our first patron Denys Salt has passed away. An amazing man who was totally supportive of Salts Walks. He will be greatly missed.

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We welcomed 96 year old Denys Salt as our Patron.  We will always endeavour to do him, the Salt family and his great grandfather, Sir Titus Salt proud.

Denys sent us a lovely message:

“As the great-grandson of Saltaire’s founder I am particularly proud to be the Patron of this unique organization Saltaire Walks and Talks in which each guide plays a personal historical role based on detailed research.  This is history with humour and brings the past together with the present.  The group is a major fundraiser for many activities in Saltaire and for anyone wanting to know about or study Saltaire I can unreservedly recommend Salts Walks and Talks as an excellent starting point.”

Denys dressed as his Great GRandfather Titus Salt  2011Here is Denys, dressed as his great grandfather Sir Titus Salt at the Saltaire Festival in 2011.

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