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Songs of Praise from Saltaire BBC1 27 September 2020

filming for Songs of Praise in Saltaire with Maria GlotSaltaire features on Songs of Praise broadcast at 1.15pm on Sunday 27th September 2020 on BBC1 or catch it on BBC iPlayer for the following 30 days.

Tour Guide Maria Glot showed the BBC TV camera’s around Saltaire. The Model Village built by Sir Titus Salt that includes the magnificent United Reform Church.

They were bowled over by the rich history of Christianity in the area, including the Swedenborgians, Moravians and Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth, the son of Saltaire millhands, who was huge in America and is buried in Nab Wood cemetery.

“Thanks for your patience in our planning and filming and for showing off your great village and its history.” says David Waters of the Songs of Praise production Team.

“My pleasure” says Maria.

film crew for Songs of Praise in Saltaire with Maria Glot

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