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20 years of Saltswalks posters & publicity

20 years of Saltswalks posters & publicity

Saltaire’s favourite historian, Clive Woods, and Maria Glot guided for the first time as “Salts Walks” on 10 April 1996 from Anne and Roger Heald’s Saltaire Gift & Visitor Centre on Victoria Road.

This inspired venture later became Saltaire’s first networked tourist information centre and ran until 2006.

That first guided walk on that Sunday was for a small group of individuals. Not long after groups began to book, not just at weekends but mid week. We discovered that many people and groups had an appetite for the history of Titus Salts industrial village especially if they were entertaining. So the idea of costume guided walks filled with stories and humour was born.

We are delighted to keep the tradition going and start our walks at Saltaire’s Visitor Information Centre, an attraction itself based in Titus’s very own dining room in Salts Mill.

Clive, a fantastic historian had the vision that Saltaire could become a World Heritage Site. Many thought that he was mad, but his vision became reality. In December 2001 UNESCO designated Saltaire a World Heritage Site describing it as “an outstanding and well preserved example of a mid 19th century industrial town.”

Thanks to the ever popular and talented guides who have informed and entertained so many folk from all over the globe, Salts Walks has raised thousands for the beautiful United Reformed Church and this fascinating place that is Saltaire.

In July we will, for the twentieth year running, welcome Mervyn Peart and his Geography & Heritage students of Hong Kong University. Mervyn has been bringing students all the way from Hong Kong to experience Saltaire every year for the last 20 years!

If you have not experienced Saltaire yet, please don’t leave it another 20 years! Check out our guided walking tour pages for individuals and groups or tag along and join a group walk. We would be delighted to see you.

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