Oct 212013
By order of Sir Titus Salt Bart.
  1. All the Overlookers shall be on the premises first & last.
  2. Any person arriving late will be locked out and lose half a day’s pay.  Persistent lateness will result in dismissal.
  3. Any person leaving their work & found talking with any of the other workpeople shall be fined 2d for each offence.  Any person in need of the necessary shall ask permission of the Overlooker by raising of a hand.
  4. Any person wilfully or negligently breaking the machinery, damaging the brushes, making too much waste etc, they shall pay for the same to its full value.
  5. For every oath or insolent language 3d for the first offence, and if repeated shall be dismissed.
  6. The founder would recommend that all his work people wash themselves every morning, but they shall wash themselves at least twice a week, Monday morning and Thursday morning; and any found not washed will be fined 3d for each offence.
  7. Spinners, weavers, sorters, combers, dyers, twisters, sizers, washers, & warehousemen, shall sweep at least eight times in the day, as follows.  In the morning at 71, 91 11 & 12; and in the afternoon at 11, 21, 31 , & 51 o’clock and to notice the board hung up.  When the black side is turned that is the time to sweep and only quarter of an hour will be allowed for sweeping. Any neglecting to sweep at the time will be fined 2d for each offence.
  8. Any person caught smoking, drinking in a state of inebriation on the premises will be instantly dismissed.
  9. All persons in our employ shall serve four weeks notice, before leaving their employ; but the founder – shall and will turn any person off without prior notice being given.
  10. If two persons are known to be in a necessary together they shall be fined 3d each; and if any man or boy go into the women’s necessary he shall be instantly dismissed.
  11. For any broken bobbins, they shall be paid for according to their value; and if there is any difficulty in ascertaining the guilty party the same shall be paid for by the whole using such bobbins.
  12. Any person wilfully damaging this notice will be dismissed.
  13. The Overlookers are strictly enjoined to attend these rules, and they will be responsible to the founder for the workpeople observing them.

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