Oct 212013
By order of Sir Titus Salt Bart.
  1. Only persons of ‘good moral character’, who are deemed either too old or unable to labour, will be admitted.
  2. Inmates must be destitute and have no where else to live.
  3. Occupants will receive free accommodation and a weekly pension, 7/6d for a single person and 10/- for a married couple.
  4. Each house is to be kept clean by, or at the expense of the occupant.
  5. Any damage to any of the houses, fixtures or furniture, must be made good by the occupant, or otherwise the cost thereof will be deducted from the weekly allowance……….
  6. The founder will make a periodical inspection of the Almshouses…………..
  7. No clothes are to be hung out to dry in front of any of the houses.
  8. Nor shall any inmate take in washing, or carry on trade or business of any kind.
  9. None of the inmates…..shall underlet the tenement assigned to him……or take any person to lodge or reside therein, without the written permission of the founder……..
  10. No inmate shall absent themselves from the Almshouses for a period exceeding 48 hours, without the express written consent of the founder……………

Rules For Living In Saltaire Village 1853-1876

Rules To Be Observed By The Hands Employed In Salts Mill 1853-1876

Rules For Living In Saltaire – The Park 1871

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