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By Order of Sir Titus Salt Bart
  1. The timing of closing will be indicated each day by the ringing of a bell.
  2. No person will be allowed to enter or remain while in a state of intoxication.
  3. No child under the age of eight years will be admitted, except in care of an adult.
  4. No dog will be admitted…unless led with a chain or string.
  5. No horse, ass or mule will be admitted.
  6. Visitors are not to interfere with the cannons or flagpole….nor to throw or leave about any orange peel.
  7. ‘No music, singing, preaching, lecture or public discussion, and no meeting for the purpose of making any religious or political demonstration will be allowed without the written sanction of the firm’.’
  8. No stone throwing, disorderly and indecorous conduct, profane and indecent language, gambling or pitch & toss.
  9. Soliciting of alms is strictly prohibited.
  10. ‘No wine, beer, spirits,or intoxicating drinks are to be consumed in the park’.
  11. ‘Smoking is not allowed in the alcoves, nor spitting on the paths’.
  12. ‘The playgrounds are not to be used on Sundays’.

Rules For Living In Saltaire Village 1853-1876

Rules To Be Observed By The Hands Employed In Salts Mill 1853-1876

Rules For Living In Saltaire Almshouses 1868-1876

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  2 Responses to “Rules for living in Saltaire – The Park 1871”

  1. Fascinating site.
    Do you have a book detailing the history of the village?

    • Dear Graham ,
      Sorry for the late reply, however I have been away giving talks about Saltaire. There are books available about Saltaire in Salts Mill. who have a fantastic bookshop.
      Best wishes

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