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Call us today on 01274 599887 or 07801 449105.

We have resumed our fascinating fabulously entertaining walks and talks experiences on a Covid Secure basis. This means by arrangement for private groups such as families, organisations and school groups. Pre book these here.

Tours for groups of individuals and our ‘Join A Walk’ programme are currently suspended.
We hope to resume these at a future date.

Don’t forget our Saltaire History page which is regularly updated with Saltaire stories and Titus tales giving a fascinating insight into the experience of living and working in Saltaire during fully functioning Mill times.

For a flavour of Saltaire and what you might hear on a guided tour watch the 3 minute video of when Bill Oddie and Pete Waterman met tour guide Maria for Channel 5’s Britain By Barge. Watch here.

Reserve your dates today.

We are more than happy to organise a tour for a small group at any time by arrangement.  Mrs Ellin Dooley lives in the village and can often be available at short notice

Small groups, clubs & societies can get the same fun and fantastic guided walking tour of Saltaire as we give to our large groups. You won’t be bored!Mrs Dooley in Amelia St 09_opt

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Make your small group guided walk booking enquiry here.

Please note, we have a minimum charge for a small group of £90.00 for 15 or fewer participants.  So, if there are from 2 to 15 people and you want your own exclusive tour, please call us on 01274 599887 or 07801 449105.

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  6 Responses to “Small Groups”

  1. We are a group of about 6 people and will be coming from Manchester on a Friday in February, the actual date isn’t finalised yet. We would be travelling by train and so don’t arrive in Saltaire until 10:40. Is there a walk we could take advantage of from 11:00 onwards on one of the Fridays in February?

    John Irwin

    • Dear john,
      Thank you very much for your comment, I hope you got my reply Which I sent direct to your email address.
      I truly hope we can look after your group in February.
      Best wishes to you
      Maria Salts Walks

  2. Happy New Year,
    I am bringing a group of 21 to Salts Mill on Tuesday 9th July and on their confirmation I have seen that you do walking tours around the village which look just what my group would like. If you could arrange a walk for us on that day starting about 10.15 could you tell me how long it will take as I want to also book in at the Mill for a Hockney gallery talk and we only have the morning there to fit everything in.

    • Dear Joy,
      Thank you for your enquiry, we would be delighted to conduct a guided walk or do a talk for your group on Tuesday 9th July 2019. Please contact me on 07801449105 to talk through arrangements, to suit your party.
      best wishes
      Maria Glot

  3. My Family are visiting on August the 11th and 12th from America. They are fascinated by English History. Would it be possible to arrange a tour for a group of 5 people please?
    Best wishes, Joanna

    • Thank you for your enquiry, we would be delighted to arrange a tour for your family on the 11th it 12th of August 2019.
      For £82.50 we can offer you a guided walk at anytime at all, for this you can bring up to 15 people and you will get a guide in costume and character. Each participant will get a handmade laminated bookmark with a real history of a character that lived in Saltaire on it. We start inside the Saltaire United reformed church. If you would like to go ahead with a tour then please let me know. My telephone contact is 078014 49105
      Maria Glot Salts Walks and Talks

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