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Denys Salt

” A really sad beginning  to Christmas week;  it is with grief, sorrow and deep sadness that we have to report the death of our beloved first Patron Denys Salt great grandson of Sir Titus Salt who died early on Sunday morning.  21st December 2014

Even at 96 Denys, was bright, with a sharp alert mind, a remarkable man, who never ceased to surprise us with his detailed memory of people places and events.  He encouraged the learning of the history of Saltaire and his family for more than 50 years and was totally supportive of all groups, businesses and individuals who loved and enhanced life in Saltaire.

I was honoured and privileged enough to first meet him when he walked into Anne & Rogers Healds Saltaire Tourist Information & Gift Centre in April 1996 and promptly bought out every item that had Saltaire written on it, to give to his relatives as presents and continued to do so for many years to come.


He has been 100 per cent, behind and supportive of Salts Walks & Talks ever since and supplied many wonderful Salt family stories and anecdotes, and fully participated in the life of Saltaire. We will all miss his many wonderful telephone calls, letters, cards and emails. He was always so encouraging and positive and was fully engaged with all groups and individuals involved in promoting Saltaire founded by his Great Grandfather Sir Titus Salt. Denys you will be sorely missed, but we thank you for helping us all keep Saltaire alive and will never forget the great honour you bestowed on us by becoming the first Patron of Salts Walks and Talks we will ensure that you will never be forgotten.



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  2 Responses to “Denys Salt 4th May 1918 – 21st Dec 2014”

  1. Very many thanks for writing the above piece. A perfect summary of my Uncle Denys.
    There will be a service at Cheltenham Crematorium at 1100 on Friday 13th February.
    Best wishes, Jonathan Salt, Great Great Grandson of Sir Titus Salt.

    • Dear Jonathan,
      Thank you for the information I will check and see if any of the Salts Walks guides are able to attend. Denys sent us £100. so I will be setting up a Denys Salt memorial competition aimed at primary School children, most likley drawings of Saltaire and will provide 4 prizes at £25.00 each, this we hope to do in the summer term after Easter. If this is successful I will offer it as a permanant annual memorial to to wonderful man, who really did support all things Saltaire.
      Lovely to hear from you Warmest wishes from Salts Walks and Talks

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