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Great War Experience

First World war poster

Dear Residents and all folks interested in the history of Saltaire

100 years ago on 4 August 1914, Britain entered the First World War.

Saltaire folk suffered greatly in the period 1914 – 1918.  Every street in Saltaire had close associations with young men who were killed and wounded and with survivors who suffered great deprivations.  Everyday life in the village was affected.

These events will be commemorated in Saltaire and in neighbouring communities.

In the coming months there will be meetings to which all will be invited and to bring memorabilia or information that will add to our knowledge of Saltaire in World War 1.

Here are some of the planned events for our Great War Experience Season:

A trail following in the footsteps of those people who lived in Saltaire. Their homes will be identi- fied by a poppy wreath crafted by the Saltaire Womens Institute.

A Drama walk ‘Not About Heroes’ (the survivors tour) written by local dramatist Hattie Townsend, which will be performed during the Saltaire Festival in September.

Musical events arranged by local musician Eddie Lawler. An authentic 1914 Music Hall in October 2014

Would you like to be involved or have you got information about your home or family between 1914 – 1918? We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter

  Maria Glot Hattie Townsend
  for Salts Walks & Talks for Drama Walks
ww1@saltairevillageexperience.co.uk saltswalks@saltairevillageexperience.co.uk

email: wwI@saltairevillageexperience.co.uk or phone 01274 599887 or 07801449105;

or complete the form below.

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1500 letters have been posted through the residents doors in Saltaire, I and the Salts Walkers have so enjoyed meeting residents  whilst delivering them and the response to the First World War promotion has so far been tremendous. This is going to be a wonderful promotion and will generate a lot of pride in this wonderful World Heritage village. Maria

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