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Tourism in Saltaire

Shipley Glen TramFor over one hundred and sixty years the village and its environs was a holiday destination for people working in the mills of Bradford. Every weekend droves of people would stroll down Victoria Rd, heading for Shipley Glen and the open moors where there were holiday homes. In 1879 a ‘Victorian Fairground was built at the top of the glen: The Shipley Glenn Tramway was built in1895 and in the early 1900’s the country’s largest aerial glide was constructed –the ‘Cape to Cairo Railway.’

The late 1960’s and 70’s saw a notable decline of visitors to Saltaire and the Glen. Tastes were changing with the advent of cheap package holidays and the mass use of cars, suddenly people stopped coming to Saltaire.

Revival of Interest in Saltaire & Key Dates in it’s recent History.

1971 28th July Saltaire declared a Conservation area.

1978 Apollo Canal Cruises, running boat trips and dinner cruises along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. (David Lowe)

1979 Bradford Council, created the Economic Development Unit, (EDU) Maria Glot appointed as the districts first ever Tourism Officer.  Part of their remit being to develop the tourism industry in the district.

Saltaire was identified as a key site of tourism potential.

1980 Shipley Glen Tramway re-furbished and re-opened.

1981 Industrial Heritage packages were produced guided tours of the working mill and village were established By EDU. First Blue Badge Guides in Yorkshire were trained by Maria Glot, the Yorkshire Tourist Board and the Guild of Guide lectureres.

1982  Over 10,000 tourists shown around the working mill & village. A Mill Museum was opened. The Mill shop expanded its taking s by 300%.

1986  Nov Salts Mill closed for Textile production

1987  June local entrepreneur Jonathan Sliver buys Salts Mill & begins to breath lifeinto the village by regenerating the local shops

1987  Nov  1853 David Hockney Gallery established by Joanathan Silver.

1987  Saltaire nominated for  World Heritage Site Status Owing to the work of the village society led by Clive Wood.

How developments in the Mill have affected the village.

Salts mill is and always has been key to the development of Saltaire. Over £300 million has been invested in the village over the last 20 years.

1992 & ongoing Refurbishment and re-occupation of shops in Victoria Road to cater for visitors, and changing tastes.

1994 New toilet block in Caroline St. cost £67,000. Refurbished again in 2006.

1994 Saltaire declared as the fastest growing tourist destination by the Yorkshire tourist Board.

History Of Saltaire Tourism

1994 Private commercial Visitor Centre Opens in Victoria Rd.Run by Anne & Roger Heald. Weekend guided tours established (SaltsWalks)

1994 Saltaire Trader’s Association formed to promote the village. 62 members working together with Jonathan Silver as President. Malcolm Gray as chair & Anne Heald as Information & Events co-ordinator. Street events ‘Victorian Christmas’ and Easter Eggstravaganza organised.

1995 April Bradford Council ceases all tourism promotional activities.

1995 April Saltaire Studies Centre established at Shipley College, with support of Sir Titus Salts decendents.

1995 1st July Saltaire Tourist Information Centre opened and Nationally networked. Run by Anne & Roger Heald.

1995 The Victoria Antiques Centre Opens. Run by Malcolm Gray.

1996 Civic Trust Centre Vision Award. Saltaire selected because “it is a remarkable example of conservation– led economic regeneration.”

1995 Europa Nostra Medal for projects which make a distinguished contribution to the conservation and enhancement of Europe’s architectural and Natural heritage.

Titus Salt Initials

1997 Sept The death of Salts Mill owner and entrepreneur Jonathan Silver.

2001 Dec 14th Saltaire inscribed as a ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESO

Factors which have contributed to the development

Of Saltaire as a World Heritage Site and Major Tourist Destination 1984-2013

1984 Saltaire Village Society established. One of it’s many aims to collect Saltaire artefacts and memorabilia. Clive Woods a key contributor.

1984 Re-opening of the Saltaire Railway Station.

1985 Building’s in Saltaire Listed, by English Heritage.

1985 The unique Reed Organ & Harmonium Museum established in the Institute by Phil & Pam Fluke. (Closed Nov 2011)

1985 Saltaire United Reformed Church commenced guided tours of the church. (Bert Thornton) Now organised by Len Morris

1987 Jonathan Silver, buys Salts Mill and opens the ‘1853’ David Hockney Gallery. Many other attractions followed & continue to be developed in the mill. 2007 sees the opening of an old worlde’ music shop. New developments in the mill ongoing continued today by Maggie and Robin Silver

1987  Saltaire Village Society under the leadership of Clive Woods bids for and wins a nomination for World Heritage Status for Saltaire

1993 The refurbishment of New Mill into Offices and 73 luxury apartments.

1995 -2006 Saltaire Tourist Information Centre  Networked Nationally made a  major contribution and literally put Saltaire on the OS Map.

2003 The Saltaire Festival Established. A major & extremely successful event held for two weeks in September each year

2004 Saltaire History Group established

2004 The Friends of Roberts Park formed. Instrumental for the major refurbishment of ‘Roberts Park’.

2011 Saltaire Visitor Centre opens in Salts Mill, run by Bradford Council

Salts Drama Walks

2007 First Saltaire Art Trail established by David Worsley

1995 –2015 Salts walks & Talks plus new Drama walks Professional Local Guides, Maria Glot, Roger Clarke, Sally Clegg, Sheila Lansdell ,Viv Swaine & Helen Broadhead continue to attract people of all ages and from all walks of life to get the most out of Saltaire World Heritage Site. Over these years many other people in Saltaire have been involved in the guided walks including Clive Wood and local playwright Hattie Townsend. A tribute to all for helping make Salts Walks so unique and successfull.

2013 Oct Saltairevillageexperience.co.uk website  established to be fully inclusive, and help promote and advertise all Saltaire businesses and provide a link to all local tourist attractions, for  groups and individuals to enable them to get the best out of a visit to Saltaire.


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Dec 232014

Denys Salt

” A really sad beginning  to Christmas week;  it is with grief, sorrow and deep sadness that we have to report the death of our beloved first Patron Denys Salt great grandson of Sir Titus Salt who died early on Sunday morning.  21st December 2014

Even at 96 Denys, was bright, with a sharp alert mind, a remarkable man, who never ceased to surprise us with his detailed memory of people places and events.  He encouraged the learning of the history of Saltaire and his family for more than 50 years and was totally supportive of all groups, businesses and individuals who loved and enhanced life in Saltaire.

I was honoured and privileged enough to first meet him when he walked into Anne & Rogers Healds Saltaire Tourist Information & Gift Centre in April 1996 and promptly bought out every item that had Saltaire written on it, to give to his relatives as presents and continued to do so for many years to come.


He has been 100 per cent, behind and supportive of Salts Walks & Talks ever since and supplied many wonderful Salt family stories and anecdotes, and fully participated in the life of Saltaire. We will all miss his many wonderful telephone calls, letters, cards and emails. He was always so encouraging and positive and was fully engaged with all groups and individuals involved in promoting Saltaire founded by his Great Grandfather Sir Titus Salt. Denys you will be sorely missed, but we thank you for helping us all keep Saltaire alive and will never forget the great honour you bestowed on us by becoming the first Patron of Salts Walks and Talks we will ensure that you will never be forgotten.



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Oct 152014
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Feb 012014
Great War Experience

First World war poster

Dear Residents and all folks interested in the history of Saltaire

100 years ago on 4 August 1914, Britain entered the First World War.

Saltaire folk suffered greatly in the period 1914 – 1918.  Every street in Saltaire had close associations with young men who were killed and wounded and with survivors who suffered great deprivations.  Everyday life in the village was affected.

These events will be commemorated in Saltaire and in neighbouring communities.

In the coming months there will be meetings to which all will be invited and to bring memorabilia or information that will add to our knowledge of Saltaire in World War 1.

Here are some of the planned events for our Great War Experience Season:

A trail following in the footsteps of those people who lived in Saltaire. Their homes will be identi- fied by a poppy wreath crafted by the Saltaire Womens Institute.

A Drama walk ‘Not About Heroes’ (the survivors tour) written by local dramatist Hattie Townsend, which will be performed during the Saltaire Festival in September.

Musical events arranged by local musician Eddie Lawler. An authentic 1914 Music Hall in October 2014

Would you like to be involved or have you got information about your home or family between 1914 – 1918? We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter

  Maria Glot Hattie Townsend
  for Salts Walks & Talks for Drama Walks
ww1@saltairevillageexperience.co.uk saltswalks@saltairevillageexperience.co.uk

email: wwI@saltairevillageexperience.co.uk or phone 01274 599887 or 07801449105;

or complete the form below.

[easy_contact_forms fid=4]

1500 letters have been posted through the residents doors in Saltaire, I and the Salts Walkers have so enjoyed meeting residents  whilst delivering them and the response to the First World War promotion has so far been tremendous. This is going to be a wonderful promotion and will generate a lot of pride in this wonderful World Heritage village. Maria

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Oct 262013

Salts Walks were recently invited to assist Titus Salt School with a project on dyeing. I was very impressed by this school initiative which was the brainchild of Heather Graham, Creative and Community Projects Manager and Claire Welles-Smith from the Fabric of Bradford Project, founded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and based at HIVE in Shipley.  Our task was to give students some idea of the dyeing process at Salts Mill during Titus Salt’s lifetime, and to show them around the village. Continue reading »

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