Oct 242013

plan of Saltaire villageSir Titus Salt laid his village out on a grid-like system like the new American cities of Chicago and New York.  He made sure it was built in a military style with larger houses on the ends and in the middle so that it could be self-policing.  Order reigned supreme in his village.  Every one lived next door to the gaffer, the manager, the teacher, the head teacher.  This was to ensure he never had any problems.

The houses were built on very wide streets for the time.  Every house had its own water supply inside the house, its own toilet in the back yard and the houses were lit by gas, which Sir Titus Salt manufactured in his gas works on the other side of the river Aire. Interestingly, as fast as Sir Titus Salt brought people in they moved out even more quickly.  Why?  Come on a guided walk or book a talk and find out more.

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