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Some of the barges and the boat people that navigated the Leeds Liverpool canal during the time of Titus Salt.


Name of Boat

1. Hoboara – The Industry Of Shipley…..


Joseph Illingworth, married aged 34 years – master of canal barge, born in Holbeck, Leeds

Thomas Mason, unmarried aged 35  – mate on canal barge, born in Baildon, Yorkshire

Elizabeth Illingworth, married aged 26 – master’s wife, born in Oldham, Lancashire

2. The Williams of Shipley


John Lorton, married aged 34 – master of canal barge, born in Brighouse, Yorkshire

Elizabeth Lorton, married aged 32 – master’s wife, born near Leeds, Yorkshire

William Ingham,  unmarried aged 16 – mate, born in Leeds, Yorkshire


1. Hannah


Thomas Hartley, married aged 28 – captain,  born in Kendal, Westmoreland

Elizabeth Hartley, married aged 28 – wife of captain, born in Leeds, Yorkshire

Mary Hartley, daughter aged 7  – born in Leeds, Yorkshire

Robert Johnson, unmarried aged 36 – mate boat labourer, born in Lancaster in Lancashire

2. Clara


Charles Kendall, married aged 37 –  captain, born in Baildon, Yorkshire

Emily Ann Kendall, married aged 34 – wife of captain, born in Shipley, Yorkshire

Thornton Kendall, son aged 7 – born in Shipley

Edward Kendall, son aged 5 – born in Shipley

George Albert Kendall, son aged 3 – born in Shipley

Martha Kendall, daughter 4 months – born in Shipley


1. Alice


Richard Scott, married aged 50 years – master of barge boat, born in Morton Banks

Mary Scott, married aged 51 years – wife of master, born in Windhill, Yorkshire

Issac Illingworth, married aged 52 – mate of barge, born in Bradford, Yorkshire

2. Jupiter


Henry Draper, married aged 38 – master of barge, born in Newborough, Lancashire

Maria Draper, married aged 26 – wife of master, born in Latham, Lancashire

Mary Jane Draper, aged 5 – daughter born in Latham, Lancashire

Richard Draper, aged 3  years – son, born in Latham, Lancashire

James Draper 10 months – son, born in Latham, Lancashire

Names of other barges on the Leeds Liverpool Canal, most of which had a master and  mate on board.

I would surmise that the boats did not always carry families, it would have depend on the volume of cargo they  carried.






Sarah Elizabeth








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  1. ADA was this the barge that william worthington killed his wife after a drunken argument and he was hanged at Liverpool in 1875.

  2. Thank You Maria.

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