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See Maria and Saltaire on Countryfile on BBC1 Sunday 17th May 2015. Watch it Here. The main Saltaire coverage starts 20 minutes in, again after 34.30 and some fantastic archive footage of Shipley Glen and the Tramway from 49 minutes.

The Countryfile team came to Saltaire and was entranced by the Rules of the Village.

Countryfile presenter Anita Rani was back in her home town of Bradford and brought the TV crew with just one camera when she met Maria at her home in Saltaire village.

Anita Rani Countryfile quizzes Maria on Saltaire's rules

Anita Rani of BBC’s Countryfile and Strictly Come Dancing was fascinated by Saltaire’s rules

She was keen to know about the infamous rules of living in Saltaire village during the time of Titus Salt. Rules such as:

  • No washing to be hung out to dry in front or behind any of the properties, or in the vicinity of the village.
  • The founder would recommend that all inmates wash themselves every morning, but they shall wash themselves at least twice a week, Monday morning and Thursday morning; any found not washed will be fined 3d for each offence.

Anita was keen to know Maria’s washing habits – you’ll have to watch Countryfile to find out her answers.

countryfile tour of Saltaire village

Countryfile tour of Saltaire village

Next Maria took Anita on a tour of the village where she explained amongst other things why the villagers of the time were mockingly known as treacle eaters – the only decision they had to make, so said the mockers, was which side of their bread to spread the treacle. Everything else was ‘laid on’ or prescribed in Sir Titus’ rules.

Maria explains to Anita the Saltaire treaclers

Maria explains to Anita the Saltaire treacle eaters

Other topics included the reason for the different size houses in a street, the origin of the street names and the life expectancy of the villagers, before Maria bid them farewell and sent them off to discover more about Saltaire’s unique Glen tramway.

countryfile film crew in Saltaire

Anita Rani, Maria Glot and Countryfile film crew with Salts Mill in the background

This episode of Countryfile – ‘Where town meets country’ was broadcast on Sunday 17th May on BBC1 and is available on BBC iplayer until 16th June 2015.

Anita Rani of Countryfile tweets to maria

Book a guided walking tour of Saltaire with Maria or join a costume guided walk. It’s the best and most entertaining way to feel what living in the village was really like.


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