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Arial view of Salts MillBradford Mill owner Sir Titus Salt, left the stench of Bradford and moved his mills to a ‘greenfield site, 4 miles north of Bradford. The first building he created  was the mill, when Salt built it he wanted it to be the biggest building in the world, he made it look like an Italian Palace, in fact all the buildings are based on 15th century Italianate architecture.

He also requested that all the main buildings be built in the shape of a T for Titus, he knew one day folks would be visiting the village , looking down from their helicopters and counting the Ts.
Titus Salt opened the mill on the 20th September 1853, and requested the two towers at the front of the mill look like ‘Osborne House on the Isle of wight, so his friend Prince Albert would drive down the main road look up and feel at home.

It took over 20 years to complete the village, Salt provided, everything,  different styles of neat stone cottages, almshouses, a school, a hospital, Institute (Village Hall),wash  houses , forty shops, two churches, a Sunday school and a magnificent Victorian Park. Everything …..but no Pubs, no Pawn shops and no Police station, no authority in this village only him. Come on one of our walks and we will point out the original style of doors and windows, the T shaped handles and the original styles of railings…..and lamps.

Be amazed by the size of this model village and variety of  architectural styles.

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