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We are more than happy to organise a tour for a small group at any time by arrangement.  Mrs Ellin Dooley lives in the village and can often be available at short notice

Small groups, clubs & societies can get the same fun and fantastic guided walking tour of Saltaire as we give to our large groups. You won’t be bored!Mrs Dooley in Amelia St 09_opt

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Make your small group guided walk booking enquiry here.

Please note, we have a minimum charge for a small group of £82.50 for 16 or fewer participants.  So, if there are from 2 to 15 people and you want your own exclusive tour, please call us on 01274 599887 or 07801 449105.

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  1. We are a group of about 6 people and will be coming from Manchester on a Friday in February, the actual date isn’t finalised yet. We would be travelling by train and so don’t arrive in Saltaire until 10:40. Is there a walk we could take advantage of from 11:00 onwards on one of the Fridays in February?

    John Irwin

    • Dear john,
      Thank you very much for your comment, I hope you got my reply Which I sent direct to your email address.
      I truly hope we can look after your group in February.
      Best wishes to you
      Maria Salts Walks

  2. Happy New Year,
    I am bringing a group of 21 to Salts Mill on Tuesday 9th July and on their confirmation I have seen that you do walking tours around the village which look just what my group would like. If you could arrange a walk for us on that day starting about 10.15 could you tell me how long it will take as I want to also book in at the Mill for a Hockney gallery talk and we only have the morning there to fit everything in.

    • Dear Joy,
      Thank you for your enquiry, we would be delighted to conduct a guided walk or do a talk for your group on Tuesday 9th July 2019. Please contact me on 07801449105 to talk through arrangements, to suit your party.
      best wishes
      Maria Glot

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