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Model Villages with Dates, Founder and Industry. From Fulneck Pudsey Leeds in 1742 to Welwyn Garden City New Town in 1919.


Village Founded Founder Industry
 Fulneck Pudsey Leeds 1742  Moravian Settlement  Religion/Education 
 Cromford Derbyshire  1771  Richard Arkwright 1771-1858   Textiles
 Style Cheshire 1784  Strutts & Greg  Textile Mill 
 New Lanark Scotland  c.1800  Robert Owen 1771-1858  Cotton Mill 
 Copley Halifax  1847  Edward Ackroyd 1811-1858  Textiles 
 Saltaire Bradford  1851-76 Titus Salt  Textile Mill 
 Bromborough Pool Wirral  1853  James & George Wilson  Prices Patent Candle Co. 
 Ackroyden Halifax  1859  Edward Ackroyd 1811-1858  Textiles 
 Bourneville Birmingham 1879  George Cadbury 1839-1922  Chocolate 
 Port Sunlight Wirral  1888  William Hesketh Lever 1851-1925  Soap 
 New Earswick York  1901  Joseph Rowntree 1836-1925  Chocolate 
 Hampstead Garden Suberb Herts  1907  Dame Henrietta Barnett  Garden City 
 Welwyn Garden City  1919-20  New Town   
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